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What's inside?

A history of olive oil, and a look into the future of the industry as well
An expert guide on the different types of olive oil and how to tell good from bad
Some scandalous stories and slippery tales about olive oil buying and selling
A look under the microscope at what makes olive oil different
Some surprising alternative uses for olive oil that you’ll never believe!

Your supermarket olive oils are not what they say they are!

“Without that promise of purity, your oil will certainly give you the gastric equivalent of an STD, even if it takes a bit of time and no matter how well it’s hidden behind a smart bottle and pretty label.”

Ella Lucille Klyashitsky - The Secret Life of Olive Oil author

Three Golden Facts About Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been produced in Europe for over 6000 years!

Olive Oil is healthier than other refined oils because it is made up of stable saturated fats.

Olive Oil is high in antioxidants as well as being an anti-inflammatory.