The Spectrum of Olive Oils: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Often dubbed the 'liquid gold', Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the cream of the crop. Obtained from the first cold pressing of olives, it flaunts a vibrant aroma, taste, and color, thanks to its minimal acidity. EVOO's processing preserves its nutrient profile, packed with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, making it a heart-healthy choice. Its robust flavors, which can range from fruity to peppery, make it ideal for drizzling over dishes, dressing salads and cooking.

How is extra virgin olive oil made?

Olives are first pressed to extract the highest quality oil. No chemicals, no heating, just olives crushed to extract olive juice.

2. Virgin Olive Oil

Similar in extraction to EVOO but from older olives or a later pressing, retains some health benefits but possesses a milder flavor. While nutritionally rich, it lacks the pronounced character of EVOO.

3. Refined Olive Oil

Labelled 'Olive Oil' or 'Pure Olive Oil', this type blends refined and virgin oils. While versatile in cooking, its neutral flavor stems from refinement, stripping away many of EVOO's health benefits.

4. Olive Pomace Oil

A byproduct after oil extraction from olive pulp, it's typically blended with other oils. Lacking the rich flavors and healthful attributes of higher grades, its high smoke point fits deep frying. Certainly. Olive pomace oil is made from the residual pulp or "pomace" left after the first two pressings in the olive oil extraction process.

Why EVOO is Superior

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a nutrient powerhouse. Its antioxidants combat oxidative stress, promoting overall health. Rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, it supports heart health, potentially reducing bad cholesterol. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. In the culinary world, EVOO's unparalleled taste profile can elevate dishes to gourmet heights.

Storing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Buy 5 Litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and store olive oil in a cool, dark place. Light and heat exposure can degrade its quality in terms of taste. Extra Virgin Olive Oil generally has a very long shelf life.

Olive Oil Conclusions

While various olive oils suit different culinary needs, EVOO reigns supreme in health and flavor. Explore this rich world, letting olive oil enhance both your dishes and well-being.